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Name:Charlotte Gracey
Birthdate:Oct 31
Location:New York, United States of America
In Life
Born October 31, Charlotte is Master Gracey’s daughter by his first wife. Her mother having died when she was still an infant, Charlotte was raised by her father with the help of his household staff. He doted on her, giving Charlotte everything and anything her heart desired, including a lavish costumed birthday party every year on Halloween.

Then Leota entered their lives. She appeared at the manor doors one night with no explanation other than the inhabitants of Gracey Manor were in great danger and that only she could help them. Charlotte didn't buy it, there was something about Leota that didn’t sit right with her. Though she could not place her finger on it.

Though Charlotte tried to tell her father, she had no evidence and so her claim was dismissed. Many passed off her behaviour as her being upset over the Medium's flirtations with her father.

But Charlotte refused to give up. She knew Leota would eventually slip up, showing her true nature. And when she did, Charlotte would have the evidence she needed. Of course, by this time Leota knew Charlotte was onto her and so was hatching a plan of her own – namely to get rid of the girl.

Unfortunately for Charlotte, Leota’s plan moved quicker. The morning of her 13th birthday, Charlotte was found in the family cemetery – dead atop her mother’s grave.

In Death
Charlotte still haunts her childhood home. Able to freely move among the house and grounds, it’s hard to tell where one might catch a glimpse of her. Except on Halloween night when she, without fail, attends the party in the ballroom. Her party.

The mansion seems to act almost as a focus of the spirit world, drawing all types of ghosts and haunts to itself. Charlotte, like many of the other ghosts, is a benign spirit. She has no interest in harming the living who come to visit her home, and is instead rather intrigued by them.

[Disclaimer: Not real. Meant for crazy rp purposes only. Anything remotely recognizable belongs to Disney. Also, my take on Gracey Manor is mostly based on the WDW version of the attraction. Reboot of an earlier muse. Mun is 18+]
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